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A1. Original egg rolls or veggie and tofu                                                 $5

         Crispy egg rolls with ground pork and shrimp served with fish sauce

  A2. Spring Rolls ( Goi cuon)       $5

      Fresh Garden rolls with vegetable, carrot and shrimp served with peanut sauce     

A3. Nem Sai Gon Pearl               $10          Ground pork grilled sausage, onion, green leaf, sweet and dip with sweet sour sauce

 A4. Baby clam with rice cracker- ( Hen xuc banh da)                                $14

      baby clams with pork sauteed     w/special spices, herbs served with sesame rice   




P1. Pho Special combo  (dac biet)- steak, soft tendon and stripe  $14

P2. Pho Steak (pho tai) - noodle soup with steak                                  $13

P3. Pho meatballs ( bo vien) - noodle soup with meatballs                $13

P4. Pho chicken (pho ga) - noodle soup with chicken                            $12

P5. Pho vegetable ( pho chay)- noddle soup with vegetable               $12

P6. pho seafood ( pho do bien) - noodle soup with seafood                $16

Any side order extra                                                $3.    Extra noodle:                          $2


Fresh Vegetable / Do Chay

V1. Tofu-stir-fry w/ vegies served with white rice ( Dau hu xao rau)           $14

V2. Tofu stir-fry w/ mushroom served with white rice ( Dau hu xao nam) $16

V3. Tofu stir-fry w/ lemongrass served with white rice  ( Dau hu xao xa)   $16

V4. Tofu and Broccoli-  (dau hu xao bong cai xanh)                                      $14

V5. Salty Tofu-stir fry ( Dau hu rang muoi)                                                    $14


Fried Rice ( Com Chien)

R1. Fried rice with choice of beef, chicken, or shrimp                             $16

R2. Combo fried rice ( com chien duong chau) - fried rice with eggs, bbq pork, sausage, shrimp and mixed vegie $18

R3. Seafood Fried rice ( com chien do bien)                                                    $18

R4. Vegetable fried rice (com chien chay) fried rice with tofu mixed vegie                                                                  $13


Rice Dishes/ Com

C1. Chief's special Shaken Beef Cubed filet mignon sauteed with onion, soy sauce served with white rice, penne or  potatoes                                   $18

C2. White rice plate with delicious choice of grilled beef, chicken or shrimp                                       $16

C3. White rice plate served with grilled pork chop ( com suon nuong)  $14

C4.  House special  rice plate - grilled pork  chop, seasoned pork skin, egg and Pork loaf rice plate                  $16


Fried Noodle/ Mi Xao Gion

M1. Fried Egg Noodle ( mi xao gion)- Crispy fried noodle mixed vegetables and choice of beef, chicken or shrimp                                                                $18

M2. Combo seafood fired egg noodle ( mi xao do bien_ - crispy fried noodle with seafood mixed vegetable  $18.50

M3. Vegetable fried egg Noodle ( mi xao chay)- crispy fried noodle with tofu and mixed vegetable                         $16



B1. Classic Vermicelli Bowl (Bun ): Rice noodle bowls mixed Vegetables and choices of grilled beef, chicken or shrimp  $15

B2.- Vermicelli grilled pork ( Bun thit nuong)   Vermicelli, marinate grilled  pork, green leaf, cucumber, peanut  and fish sauce                              $15             B3. Vermicelli grilled pork and egg rolls- Bun thit nuong cha gio- Vermicelli, green leaf, cucumber, peanut crispy egg rolls and fish sauce                          $15

B4. Vermicelli grilled Pork meatballs- (bun nem nuong)  Vermicelli, Grill pork meat balls, green leaf, cucumber, peanut and fish sauce               $15

B5. Vermicelli with lemongrass beef                                                                $16

B6.  Vermicelli with fresh thai lemon leaf- Bun ga nuong la chanh          $15

B7. Bun Cha Ha Noi- Grilled pork, pork special meat balls, fish sauce, pickled carrot, radish, papaya peanut        $16

B8. Vermicelli with tofu- Vermicelli with tofu, green leaf, cucumber, peanut, basil leaf and soy sauce                    $14

B9. fried dough ( bot chien)- Vietnamese special rice flour, egg, papaya and soy sauce                   $14

Extra 2 Egg Rolls                          $4.50


Vermicelli Rice Noodle Soup

Q1. Bun Bo Hue                            $15          Hue-style spicy lemongrass beef noodle soup with pig blood, pork feet and special Hue sausage   

B2.Bun Oc                                 $15          Rice vermicelli noodle soup topped with crab, snails, shrimp paste served with tomato-based broth and garnished with bean sprout, prawn, herb leaves, water spinach and tofu.

Q3 Chao Long- Congee- Rice Porridge (pork)                                          $15

        Congee-rice porridge with cubed  pork blood, small intestine, liver, heart and tongue


Vietnamese Sandwich

S1. Grilled beef sandwich (banh mi bo nuong)   $10.   Grilled beef, carrot, daikon radish, cilantro, cucumber and peanut

S2. Grilled chicken sandwich ( banh mi ga nuong)  $9.  Grilled chicken, carrot, daikon radish, cilantro, cucumber and peanut

S3. Grilled pork sandwich ( banh mi thit nuong)  $9.50.   Grilled pork, carrot, daikon radish, cilantro, cucumber and peanut

Extra 2 eggs $3


Beverage Drinks

- Hot tea                                               $2

- Iced Tea                                             $1

- Fresh lemonade                             $4

- Coconut juice                                $4

- Vietnamese ice coffee with condensed milk                                   $5

- Iced black coffee                            $5

- Fresh squeeze orange juice         $4.75

- coke, sprite, orange soda               $2


Smoothies/ Bubble Tea

Avocado Smoothies                           $6

Strawberries Smoothies                    $6

Custard Apple Smoothies                 $6

Strawberries milk tea                        $5

Thai ice Tea bobba                             $5

Taro Milk tea bobba.                     $5

Jasmine Milk tea with bobba            $5

Extra bobba                                       $.50

cheese cake.webp
Vietnamese cheese cake


Vietnamese delicious Cheese Cake  $4

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